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Discover how you can reduce stress in planning daily meals for the family (2)

planning daily meals for the family

Planning daily meals for the family

This article forms a continuation of what has been discussed in the previous article on  how to reduce stress in planning daily meals for the family (1).  If you have not read the article, you can quickly have a read through by visiting the link above

6. Consider preparation and cooking time when planning daily meals

Some meals will require a lot of preparation and cooking time.

The best way to handle this is to get the ingredients ready ahead of time or buy them pre-prepared to make it easier.

Commonly, it is best to start with the food with the longest cooking time, and then prepare the others while this cook. However, if all the foods cook at the same amount of time, then start with the one that will hold the best.

7. Invest in modern kitchen gadgets for planning daily meals use

There are a lot of kitchen appliances that make work in the kitchen easier. Some can be modified for multi purposes.

For example, Beans shell can be peeled for moi moi (beans pudding) using blender. Add enough water and use pulse knob.

Beans, meat, fresh corn can be boiled easily using pressure cooker.

Pounded yam is easier with a food processor….

8. Gradually, get the children involved in the kitchen.

Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

You can get helpers but at a time, it comes back to you when the helpers are not available because you have to feed your family.

Gradually get your children involved in the kitchen depending on their age.

First, let them watch and go for errands. Then teach them basic safety cautions in the kitchen and how to make simple dishes.

You may ask, what age is appropriate.

You will decide that based on individual child but don’t tolerate non chalant attitude from either male or female.

9. As long as you can eat, you can learn to prepare your meal.

planning daily meals for the family
planning daily meals for the family

When I started with my sons, it was looking as if I was stressing them, afterall they are boys. They don’t need that so much.

Teach the basics and let them experiment.

Don’t be scared of messed kitchen, you are making an investment.

Today, when they’re around, I make soup and they handle the family meals.

Even my young daughter will plan her dish and I will be there for her to practice.

That’s the fun.

Ooooh, the Covid-19 months lockdown was a ‘reward time’ for me.

Many mothers complained of planning and preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I simply stock the store (pantry), paste a menu to choose from and they make what they feel like eating and family meal as I request.

How on earth do you want to keep cooking and serving teenagers whom we know, eat …..😀

We started when they were in primary/elementary now that they are in the university, it’s easier.

If they eat their food and it’s not delicious, they will ask questions.

Don’t criticize. No matter what happens, correct after praising them.

I believe as we apply these tested steps, the workload in planning and preparing family meals will not only become easier but more fun leaving the mother time to breathe and plan other areas of her life and family.

What is your own stress control in planning the meals?

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Discover how you can reduce stress in planning daily meals for the family (1)

reduce stress in planning daily meals

Reduce stress in planning daily meals,

Preparing family meals can be stressful and time consuming if not well structured, planned and managed beforehand. This is even truer for those with very busy schedule. But you know very well that having the family eat well is not negotiable, as it forms an integral part of having a happy and healthy family.

Thus, efforts to reduce stress in planning daily meals are worth it and very beneficial in the long term

By simply having your family meals planned out, you are stress relieved, you save time, you save money and your family eat better, healthier foods. These benefits are important to the healthy growth of the family as a whole.

How exactly then can you plan your family meals, to ensure your family enjoy these important benefits?

2. Bulk buying, especially non-perishables can significantly reduce stress in planning daily meals

This is quite helpful. We know it takes a lot to plan the family daily meals. It is better to plan and buy the non-perishables in large quantities. It does not only the reduce stress in planning daily meals and the stress of shopping all the time,  it is more economical and save money on the long run. Non-perishable foods are those that will take a very, very long time to spoil.

For example, the outbreak of Covid-19 and the consequent lock-down had a challenging impact on how well many families were able to plan their meals effectively. Bulk buying as one can afford per time is always a great relief and a wise decision.

2. Take advantage of several preservation methods to keep the food fresh and avoid waste.

tomatoes buildrestfoods

Use of Fridge and freezer/chiller for preserving meat and other proteins.

Instead of keeping my leafy vegetable when I’m not ready to use them, I wash and cut them, turn them to a sauce before storing in the fridge. I can then cook with the sauce and not loose the nutrients.

For the hot region, I sort and wash my tomatoes. Then I pack them in freezer friendly bags to reduce effect of temperature then I store them at the upper part of the freezer. This keeps for days.

 You can also adjust the freezer from highest freezing point to medium.

As you preserve your food, always take note of the shelf life (the length of time for which an item remains fit for consumption).

Search online for different preservation methods you can implement.

3. Prepare a Family menu

After stocking your Kitchen store with food items, the very next thing to do, that will ease stress in the Kitchen is planning and writing a menu.

It doesn’t need to be a professional 5 star restaurant menu. But just what you and your family love to eat spread through the days of the week and the convenient time to prepare them.

Not all families take breakfast, lunch and dinner at home together. Just take a note of your family’s uniqueness and make it fun.

4. Involve the members of the family – This can greatly reduce stress in planning daily meals,

You can paste the menu where the whole family can be part of it. This will also go a long way to ease and reduce stress in planning daily meals, as any member of the family can pick up the menu and do the cooking.

 Also you will be surprised at how it will unite the family as the members of the family will look forward to dinning together.

5. Add many dishes to your menu

To spice things up, you should add as many dishes as possible so you can pick or opt out for any other meal at your convenience.

This should include foods that members of the family love to eat. You can do this by asking everyone in your family for a list.

Organize this list to accommodate quick to prepare meals and meals that require less number of ingredients to prepare.

This will give flexibility incase of unforeseen circumstances.

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How to reduce stress in planning daily meals for the family(2)