Fresh, highly rich Okazi leaf – 100g


Okazi leaf is an edible plant. Okazi is a highly nutritious plant. It is fortified with many vitamins, minerals and antioxidant rich phytochemicals.

It’s been commonly used in the treatment of piles. Also, it”s used to treat high blood pressure and sore throats.

Okazi can be eaten raw as shredded salad. Most importantly, also in the preparation of okazi soup.

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OKAZI LEAF | okazi leaf buildrestfoods

Botanical Name: Gnetum Africanum

Common names:

Wild spinach (English name), Afang (Efik), Okazi (Igbo), Eru (Cameroon)


Okazi leaf is traditionally a wild vine. Okazi leaf is a dark leafy vegetable with a slight bitter taste. It traditionally is a wide vine and it is considered to be a wild vegetable. It is a perennial crop that grows approximately 10m long, it may grow approximately 8cm long. The seed of the vine resemble a fleshy fruit, its fruits is red-orange in colour when fully ripe.

Commonly used Region:

Okazi leaves are commonly found in Africa, Asia and South Africa, it is widely consumed in the south Eastern Nigeria due to its palatability.

Nutrient Profile of Okazi leaf

Okazi leaf contains nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals

Nutrient CompositionCompoundsPercentage(%)
Crude Fiber7.10
Crude Protein20.12
Crude Lipid2.79
MineralsSodium, magnesium, calcium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, potassium and copper
PhytochemicalsAlkaloids,Glycosides,Saponin and tannin


Health Benefit of okazi leaf

  1. Due to its antioxidant, anticarcinogen properties, it can be used as a remedy for certain ailment.
  2. Lowers blood pressure in diabetic patient.
  3. It can be used for weight loss
  4. It lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  5. Can be used in the treatment of Anaemia
  6. It’s been commonly used in the treatment of piles and sore throats.

Possible use in food preparation

In Nigeria it is commonly  used to prepare delicases e.g afang, okazi and nsala.  Okazi can be eaten raw as shredded salad. Okazi is largely used in the preparation of okazi soup

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Okazi vegetable leaf
Okazi vegetable leaf
shredded Okazi vegetable leaf
shredded Okazi vegetable leaf


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